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Volunteer and Board Positions

Pleasanton Girls Lacrosse Club is a volunteer-run organization, it takes many hands working together to make the Club run smoothly.  All parents are expected to volunteer a minimum of 6 hours per year in either a team or club level capacity.   

Team Level Positions

Team Parent(s)

  • Communicate with parents as necessary, including but not limited to keeping them informed about volunteer requirements and opportunities
  • Coordinate and maintain snack schedule with parents
  • Maintain schedule for scorekeepers, home field setup and sideline managers
  • Support coach with parent communication as necessary and/or requested
  • Organize the end of year team celebration and coach’s gift (can be delegated)

Assistant Coach

  • Assist head coach in running practices a minimum of one standing practice per week 
  • Assist head coach during the game with sideline management
  • Minimum requirement to assist at practices is completion of the Positive Coaching Alliance online course
  • All Parent Coaches must complete the full Coaches Requirements of the NCJLA in order to be on the sidelines during games

Home Field Setup

  • Retrieve (if first game of day) or Return (if last game of day) game supplies, table and chairs from the Patelco storage shed
  • Requires a truck or large car to carry supplies
  • Set up field with goals, cones, and extra balls as required by league
  • Set up scorekeeper table, chairs, and supplies
  • If last PGLC game of day, clean up supplies and return to storage shed

Sideline Manager

  • Fulfill the duties of sideline manager as described by US Lacrosse
  • Wear the bright orange "Sideline Manager" vest provided by the league
  • Enforce field specific rules at Patelco (no food, drinks, coffee, or animals inside the gates)
  • Perform these duties for at least 3 home games in the Spring season


  • Keep score during a minimum of 4 games during the spring season
  • Either have experience scorekeeping for lacrosse or attend an early-season scorekeeping workshop

Team Photographer

  • Take candid and posed shots of the team at various events - games, practices, mixers, outreach events

Club Level Positions

Volunteers taking club level positions will meet their volunteer requirements AND make a big difference in the success of the club.

Age Group Coordinator (Jan - May)

  • Creates a process for keeping track of volunteer hours and communicates to club
  • Helps to recruit and identify volunteers for various age group level needs
  • Shares information on volunteer requirements with volunteers
  • Shares information with parents & coaches during season
  • Attends monthly PGLC board meetings as needed

Communications & Social Media Coordinator (Sept - May)

  • Manage and maintain club social media accounts (Facebook/Instagram)
  • Coordinate with team photographers to make these photos available on the website, Facebook and in other club materials
  • Create, print and distribute printed marketing materials
  • Communicate plans to PGLC board as needed
  • Pleasanton events coordination, if desired

Uniform Coordinator (February & May)

  • Distributes uniforms
  • Tracks uniform assignment
  • Collects uniforms

Pridewear Coordinator (Year Round)

  • Manages the Pridewear program
  • Selects, orders, and manages inventory for various PGLC items
  • Receives orders and arranges for delivery/pickup 
  • Works with vendors
  • Biggest order of the year is typically in December/January for Socks/Kilts
  • Attends monthly board meetings and communicate plans as needed

Board Positions (2 year-term)


  • Leads monthly board meetings
  • Represents club in the league
  • Coordinates activities of club
  • Creates and maintains master schedule
  • Coordinate updates with all board members and club level positions
  • Publicity as-needed
  • Voting board member, expected to attend monthly board meetings

Vice President

  • Coordinates scholarship process
  • Coordinates risk management requirements (e.g. concussion reporting)
  • Works with girls rep to schedule games
  • Attends monthly meetings
  • Secure location for parent meeting
  • Voting board member, expected to attend monthly board meetings


  • Creates an annual budget for the club
  • Keeps accurate record of all financial transactions
  • Provides a financial report at every board meeting
  • Maintains Club bank accounts
  • Voting board member, expected to attend monthly board meetings

Webmaster/Club Administraor

  • Responsible for maintaining and updating the club website
  • No coding required, but comfort with technology is beneficial
  • Publish club activities via website
  • Setup registration on League Athletics for Fall Clinic
  • Setup registration on League Athletics for Spring League  
  • Review scholarships and apply scholarship credit for registration 
  • Download registration reports for use by coaches and team parents
  • Support Parents with any registration questions or issues, make sure payments or checks are applied in League Athletics
  • Answer emails for parents who have interest in joining lacrosse
  • Attend Annual Parent meeting
  • Voting board member, expected to attend monthly board meetings


  • Set monthly meetings and send reminders
  • Record and distribute minutes at meeting
  • Collect agenda items before meeting

Girls League Representative

  • Attends NCJLA meetings as required
  • Participates in occasional league conference call and communicate league information to board and coaches as necessary

 Scheduling & Fields Director

  • Point person for scheduling of all fields with City of Pleasanton.
  • Point person for scheduling of all lights at Patelco Fields. 
  • Send confirmation email to opposing team 3 days before each scheduled home game in the Spring
  • Point person for scheduling games for all girls' teams
  • Attend club scheduling preparation meeting in November
  • Attend half-day league scheduling meeting on a Saturday in December
  • Coordinate and manage scheduling changes in January through season end
  • Voting board member, expected to attend monthly board meetings

 Gear Director

  • Organizes gear distribution, gear return, and gear renewal days
  • Keeps records of gear rental up to date
  • Educates club regarding gear maintenance & care
  • Culls and/or repairs gear no longer fit for renting
  • Keeps shed organized
  • Orders more gear rental should the need arise
  • Helps to keep the game day boxes and coaches bags supplied
  • Voting board member, expected to attend monthly board meeting

Coaches Director

  • Recruit / make sure we are all set with coaches and players
  • Coordinates coaches training and coaches certification
  • Point person for coordination of team assignment 
  • Tracks coaches requirements and provides required NCJLA coaches information
  • Voting board member, expected to attend monthly board meeting